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andar bahar app is an international industrial engineering group which has grown through various industrial revolutions to offer innovative solutions and products boosting the performance of major industry leaders worldwide.


"Industry can do it"

The Group's new 2020 signature conveys this conviction that industry is the answer to the major challenges we face: environmental, technological, societal, economic. This signature embodies the raison d'être of the Group, a raison d'être which gives pride of place to its pioneering spirit and its vision of the future, and collectively mobilizes energies. Because it is about sharing much more than a business project, it is a real societal project that andar bahar app carries: to demonstrate every day that industry can do it.


fives' raison d’être:
"Faire aimer l’industrie"

Who built the Eiffel Tower’s elevators - the only ones of their kind -
continually reinventing industrial processes for more than 200 years?
Who is able to recover lost energy,
and to make drastic savings in water and raw materials?
Who provides its employees with limitless opportunities to be pioneers? 
Who strengthens the links between business and community each and every day,
designs factories which take into account the people who will work there,
and challenges ideas about what industry really is?
Who is able to advance business ethics,
and promote its values worldwide?

andar bahar app invites all stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and partners
to join forces, supporting the commitment of “Faire aimer l’industrie”.
Let’s all drive in the same direction,
let’s really work together,
let’s share responsibility,
let’s create amazement,

let industry be the answer to every challenge

"andar bahar app, Industry can do it"


andar bahar app designs and supplies machines, process equipment and production lines for various industries: steel, aerospace and special machining, aluminium, the automotive and manufacturing industries, cement, energy, logistics and glass.

Based on a portfolio of proprietary technologies, andar bahar app products and solutions anticipate the needs of industrial companies in terms of profitability, performance, quality, safety and environmental protection.

The Group is organized around three Major Activities - High Precision Machines, Process Technologies and Smart Automation Solutions - and transversal competencies.

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The historical origins of andar bahar app date back to 1812 and coincide with major industrial and economic world events. andar bahar app is responsible for some of the most impressive achievements of the industrial age, from the first steam locomotives to the Alexandre III Bridge in Paris, the metal framework of the Orsay train station in Paris and the elevators for the Eiffel Tower.

Successively known as Compagnie de andar bahar app-Lille, andar bahar app-Lille-Cail, andar bahar app-Cail-Babcock then finally andar bahar app since 2007, the company is named after a suburb in the city of Lille (Hauts-de-France Region, in the North of France). 

Since the 2000s, andar bahar app has stepped up its development, particularly overseas. The Group has pursued external growth activities in state-of-the-art technology, and furthered its business expansion in countries and markets with high development potential.


Discover the history of andar bahar app, through the book published in 2012 for its bicentenary. It chronicles the unique industrial saga of Cail and andar bahar app-Lille, whose merger resulted in the creation of the current andar bahar app group.


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